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Seedlings Learning Hub

Seedlings Learning Hub provides Montessori Programmes for children ages 1 - 6 years old.

• Montessori Tots (1 - 3 years old)
• Montessori Playgroup (3 - 4 years old)
• Montessori Programme (5 - 6 years old)

• Montessori Programme
For details about the curriculum at Seedlings Learning Hub, kindly refer to Seedling Patch's curriculum.

• Art Buzz
We offer a list of art enrichment classes here. The following is a brief write-up of the courses available.

Art Buzz

Visual Art - Creative Expression
Creative Expression should take its pure form where expression is directly from the heart! A simple way where a child can choose a medium he is comfortable to work with, to discover and express himself freely! We want to provide the creative ambience for preschoolers to explore in various media, paints, clay, collage, print making, board printing, puppet making, paper mache, oil colours float and many more.

Digital - Computer
Computers enthral children, gripping their full attention and increasing their concentration. Computers allow children to take control and help to build their confidence and self-esteem to a greater level.

Since 1995, we have brought in U.S. International Computer Education program for children. Many children have reaped humongous benefits from the classes.

Moving Art - Gym Play
Gym Play is filled with loads of fun with a variety of exercises such as stretching, balancing, running and tumbling. Your child will also be working on physical, mental, emotional and social skills that will lead them to a lifetime of success.

Your child will have a great time progressing through the classes at a friendly and non-competitive environment designed to facilitate their skill and mental development as they mature.

Kids Hip Hop
Kids Hip-Hop is a high-energy class that will give your child the opportunity to develop their own sense of style as we add on to their movement vocabulary. Your child will not only learn to dance but also learn the importance of team work, develop concentration and improve their confidence while having fun!

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Language Art -
English/Chinese Speech & Drama

Creative Thinking Approach - We deliver classes through games, lots of encouragement and imagination. Children would learn various ways of expression to create their own stories. They will express and represent objects, ideas and experiences using a variety of communicative tools: facial, body, sound, music and language.

Speech Training Exercises - Children will learn to pronounce their words clearly and precisely through vocal warm-ups and reinforcement breathing exercises to hone their natural abilities to create a wide range of sounds accurately.

Drama plays - Children will learn to appreciate and respond to a variety of artistic experiences. They will be exposed to a myriad of nursery and traditional rhymes, finger play and action rhymes, poetry, stories (fables, folk and fairy tales, legends and myths) and be enchanted in the world of Dance Drama.

Musicals - Our children will dramatize with children musicals licensed in from U.S. or written by local

Moving Art - Chinese Dance

学习内容: 形体基本训练、基本舞姿与步法、律动、组合、舞蹈表演。