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Our Approach
Seedlings Montessori Programme recognises the learning potential of a young child. As such, the centre utilises professionally trained teachers and specially designed teaching materials to help the child realise this potential...

Our Goals
The Centre aims to establish and maintain a safe, healthy, cheerful and comfortable learning environment for the children's physical, intellectual, emotional and social needs...

Our Centres:

Seedlings Montessori Alexandra
Alexandra pte ltd
Block 57 Dawson Road, #02-11
Dawson Place
Singapore 142057
Tel: 6472-3457
Email: dawson@seedlings.com.sg

Registration is open all year round.
Parents are invited to contact the centre located at your nearest convenience.
We will be happy to arrange for preview of our Montessori cum Multi-Intelligence programmes and also our facilities.

Our Philosophy
The first seven years of a child’s life are sensitive periods for early learning. These are periods of intense fascination for learning a particular characteristic or skill, such as going up and down steps, putting things in order, counting or reading...
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